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Spanish Course


Learn Spanish online for FREE from the comfort of your home studying just one lesson a week. With our simple language course you can learn Spanish studying just one lesson a week online. The lessons have interactive exercises with audio to hear the pronunciation of the words. Each lesson includes . . .

  • Vocabulary - A list of vocabulary words relating to the theme of the lesson with audio to hear and practice with the pronunciation
  • Grammar - A detailed explanation of the grammar in each lesson with interactive practice exercises to reinforce your learning
  • Dialogue - A listening and dialogue exercise to practice with the new vocabulary and grammar from the lesson
  • Reading - A reading and writing exercise to reinforce the newly-learned material
  • Quiz - A short quiz to assess your learning



Lesson 1 - Saludos (Greetings)
Alphabet, pronunciation, stress, accents, greetings (Level A1)
Alphabet    |    Pronunciation    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 2 - ¿Cuántos? (How many?)
Numbers 1-20, plurals, how to describe how many you have of things (Level A1)
Numbers    |    Plurals    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 3 - ser (to be)
Subject pronouns, possessive adjectives, the verb "ser" (to be), personality adjectives, nationalities (Level A1)
Subject pronouns    |    ser    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 4 - ¿Cómo estás? (How are you?)
Question words, the verb "estar" (to be), "¿Cómo estás?" dialogue, "Letter to a Friend" reading (Level A1)
Question words    |    estar    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 5 - Escuela (School)
Classroom words, gender and articles, "¿Dónde están?" dialogue, "School Shopping" reading (Level A1)
Classroom words    |    Gender and Articles    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 6 - Datos personales (Personal Information)
Numbers 0-100, the verb tener, personal information dialogue, filling out a form in Spanish (Level A1)
Numbers 0-100    |    The verb tener    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 7 - Horario de Clases (Class Schedule)
School subjects, how to describe time, "Horario de Clases" dialogue, class schedule reading (Level A1)
School subjects    |    Time    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 8 - Colores (Colors)
Colors, demonstratives (this/that/these/those), "Art Class" dialogue, "Rainbow" reading (Level A1)
Colors    |    Demonstratives    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 9 - Opuestos (Opposites)
Opposites, working with adjectives, "Complaints Department" dialogue, "Crazy Story" reading (Level A1)
Opposites    |    Adjectives    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 10 - Descripción de Personas (Describing People)
Physical descriptions; when to use the verbs ser, estar and tener; "School Dance" dialogue, "Online Dating" reading (Level A1)
Physical Descriptions    |    ser/estar/tener    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 11 - Ropa (Clothes)
Clothes vocabulary, Present tense -ar verbs, "Fashion Show" dialogue, How to describe what you are wearing in Spanish (Level A1)
Clothes    |    Present tense -ar verbs    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 12 - Horario (Schedule)
Days of the week, Present tense -er verbs, "Weekly schedule" dialogue, "Daily schedule" reading (Level A1)
Days    |    Present tense -er verbs    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 13 - Meses y Estaciones (Months and Seasons)
Months, seasons, how to say dates in Spanish, Present tense -ir verbs, "My Favorite Month" dialogue, "Calendar" reading (Level A1)
Months and Seasons    |    Present tense -ir verbs    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 14 - Números Ordinales (Ordinal Numbers)
Ordinal numbers, verbs that are irregular only in the yo form, "How to juggle" dialogue, "Adriana's Typical Day" reading (Level A1)
Ordinal numbers    |    Verbs that are irregular only in the yo form    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 15 - Trabajos (Jobs)
Names of jobs in Spanish, irregular verbs, "The Reunion" dialogue, Jobs reading (Level A1)
Jobs    |    Irregular verbs    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 16 - La Casa (The House)
Furniture and rooms in Spanish, the verb hay, "The New House" dialogue, "The House of the Future" reading (Level A1)
Furniture and rooms    |    The verb hay    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 17 - La Ciudad (The City)
Places in a city, prepositions of location, giving directions, "The Party" reading (Level A1)
Places in a city    |    Prepositions of location    |    Giving directions    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 18 - Mascotas (Pets)
Pets, adjective placement, dialogue, reading (Level A1)
Pets    |    Adjective placement    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 19 - Restaurante (Restaurant)
Restaurant foods, the verb "gustar," restaurant dialogue, menu reading (Level A1)
Restaurant foods    |    The verb gustar    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 20 - Comida (Food)
Food vocabulary, mucho/poco, grocery list dialogue, "What's on your plate?" reading (Level A1)
Food    |    mucho/poco    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 21 - Deportes (Sports)
Sports vocabulary, present progressive, triathlon dialogue, activity description reading (Level A1)
Sports    |    Present Progressive    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 22 - Pasatiempos (Pastimes)
Pastimes, adverbs of frequency, survey dialogue, magazine article reading (Level A1)
Pastimes    |    Adverbs of Frequency    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 23 - Quehaceres Domésticos (Housework)
Housework, obligation verbs, chores dialogue, parenting article reading (Level A1)
Housework    |    Obligation Verbs    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 24 - Compras (Shopping)
Shopping vocabulary, para/por, prepositional pronouns, shopping dialogue, bargaining reading (Level A1)
Shopping    |    para/por    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

Lesson 25 - Las Noticias (The News)
News vocabulary, preterite (past tense), reporter dialogue, newspaper reading (Level A2)
News vocabulary    |    Preterite    |    Dialogue    |    Reading    |    Quiz

More lessons coming soon!




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