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Lesson 10 - Descripción de Personas (Describing People)
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This page: Practice with vocabulary for describing people and the verbs ser, estar and tener in this dialogue about a young woman looking for a date for a school dance.

school dance

Baile Escolar
(School Dance)

Dialogue Lesson


Key Vocabulary

The following is a list of key vocabulary that you will need to know to understand the lesson. Click on the word to hear the pronunciation.



Section 1
Select the correct translation.

1.   next      

2.   date/partner/couple      

3.   his/her/your      

4.   week      

5.   dance      

6.   Okay.      

7.   personality      

8.   he/she/it sounds      

9.   Really?      

10.   perfect      



Listen to the dialogue and select which picture sounds like the young man she describes. Click on the correct picture.

► Listen to the dialogue

young man #1       young man #2



Now read the dialogue.

► Listen to the dialogue

  • LUPE - Necesito una pareja para el baile de la escuela de la próxima semana.
  • MATEO - Tengo un amigo que es muy simpático.
  • LUPE - ¿De verdad?
  • MATEO - Sí. Se llama José. Es alto y delgado. Tiene el pelo negro y lacio y los ojos cafés.
  • LUPE - ¿Cómo es su personalidad?
  • MATEO - Es un poco tímido, pero muy simpático.
  • LUPE - Está bien. ¡Suena perfecto!



Section 2
Select True or False for each statement about the dialogue.

1. José es un feo.
    True      False        

2. José tiene el pelo lacio.
    True      False        

3. José los ojos cafés.
    True      False        

4. José es tímido.
    True      False        

5. José es gordo.
    True      False        



Dictations are great for practicing listening and spelling in Spanish. Click on "Listen" to hear the dictation of a sentence. The sentence will be read once quickly and then repeated slowly with pauses to write the words. Write the sentence in the textbox. Click on "Check" to check your answer. Don't forget to use correct capitalization, accents and punctuation, or the computer will mark it as incorrect.

1. ► Listen

2. ► Listen

3. ► Listen

4. ► Listen

5. ► Listen


Reading lesson


Lesson 10 - Descripción de Personas (Describing People)
Physical Descriptions - ser/estar/tener - Dialogue - Reading - Quiz




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