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Lesson 11 - Ropa (Clothes)
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This page: Learn how to describe what you are wearing in Spanish.


How to describe what you are wearing in Spanish

Reading Lesson

"wearing" in Spanish

There are multiple ways to describe what you are wearing in Spanish. The most common verb is llevar which can mean "wear" or "carry." It can be used by itself or with the adjective puesto (literally, "put," but it means sort of like "on" in English). The word puesto needs to agree in number (singular/plural) and gender (masculine/feminine) with the clothing item. Another verb sometimes used to say "wearing" is usar. It is a regular -ar verb like llevar. Finally, the verb vestir can also be used to describe what someone is wearing. Vestir is an irregular -ir verb, however, so we will save that verb for a future lesson.

  • "She is wearing a red dress."
  • Ella lleva un vestido rojo.
  • Ella lleva puesto un vestido rojo.
  • Ella usa un vestido rojo.


Woman #1

Ella lleva puestos un vestido rojo, un sombrero rojo y zapatos rojos.

Woman #2

Ella usa una falda azul, una blusa blanca y zapatos azules.

Woman #3

Ella lleva una chaqueta verde y amarillo, un pantalón verde, un sombrero verde, botas verdes y guantes verdes.

Man #1

Él lleva un saco gris, un pantalón negro, una corbata verde, zapatos negros y un abrigo café.



Now it's your turn. Describe the clothes that you are wearing. If you want to type a special character (like an accented letter) in the comments section, you could do one of the following . . .

  • Select and copy the character that you need → á é í ó ú ü ñ ¿ ¡ Á É Í Ó Ú Ü Ñ « »
  • Use special codes on your computer if you have numeric keypad (instructions HERE).
  • Type your sentences into the text box below and use the special character buttons provided. Then select and copy your text and paste it into the comments section.

  Don't forget to paste your text into the comments section below!

If you see an error in someone else's sentence, please respond with the correction. Comments that are not from "Janet Castrejon" (the author of this page) do not represent Simplified Spanish. If someone is writing inappropriate comments on this webpage, please send a message to [email protected] and include the page that you saw the comment on.





Lesson 11 - Ropa (Clothes)
Clothes - -ar verbs - Dialogue - Reading - Quiz




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