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Lesson 12 - Horario (Schedule)
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This page: Learn the days of the week in Spanish.


Days of the Week in Spanish

Vocabulary Lesson

Click on the names of the days in the table below to hear the pronunciation and repeat.

Days of the Week in Spanish
Day Translation
► el domingo Sunday
► el lunes Monday
► el martes Tuesday
► el miércoles Wednesday
► el jueves Thursday
► el viernes Friday
► el sábado Saturday

Note that days of the week are not capitalized, unlike English.

In Spanish the article el or the plural los (the) is used with days where we would say "on" in English.

  • Limpio mi casa los lunes. = I clean my house on Mondays.
  • Estudio español los martes. = I study Spanish on Tuesdays.



Section 1
Select the correct translation.

1.   Tuesday      

2.   Saturday      

3.   Monday      

4.   Sunday      

5.   Friday      

6.   Thursday      

7.   Wednesday      



Section 2
Now write the day in Spanish. Don't forget to use the article ("el").

1. Sunday        

2. Monday        

3. Tuesday        

4. Wednesday        

5. Thursday        

6. Friday        

7. Saturday        


Present tense -er verbs


Lesson 12 - Horario (Schedule)
Days - Present -er verbs - Dialogue - Reading - Quiz




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