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Lesson 12 - Horario (Schedule)
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This page: Practice with the days of the weeks, times and present tense verbs by reading and writing daily schedules.


Daily Schedule
(Horario Diario)

Reading Lesson

Key Vocabulary

The following is a list of key vocabulary that you will need to know to understand the lesson. Click on the word to hear the pronunciation.



Read Mateo's daily schedule.

Hora Domingo Lunes Martes Miércoles Jueves Viernes Sábado
7:00 descansar correr levantar pesas correr levantar pesas correr descansar
8:00 comer comer comer comer comer comer comer
9:00 rezar trabajar trabajar trabajar trabajar trabajar limpiar la casa
12:30 comer comer comer comer comer comer comer
1:00 descansar trabajar trabajar trabajar trabajar trabajar comprar comida
5:30 comer comer comer comer comer comer comer
6:30 tocar piano escuchar música estudiar hablar por teléfono leer un libro practicar karate bailar



Write sentences about what Mateo does on these days and at these times. Write out the time in words in your sentences. Don't forget to use correct capitalization, accents and punctuation, or the computer will mark it as incorrect.

  • Example:
  • lunes 9:00 → Mateo trabaja los lunes a las nueve.

1. martes 8:00        

2. domingo 9:00        

3. viernes 7:00        

4. miércoles 1:00        

5. lunes 12:30        

6. martes 5:30        

7. sábado 7:00        


More Practice

Write more sentences on a piece of paper about what Mateo does at different days and times.



Write five sentences about what you do on certain days and times. Use verbs that we studied in the present tense -ar verbs or present tense -er verbs lessons.

  • Examples:
  • Leo un libro los domingos a las seis.
  • Estudio español los martes a las siete.

If you want to type a special character (like an accented letter) in the comments section, you could do one of the following . . .

  • Select and copy the character that you need → á é í ó ú ü ñ ¿ ¡ Á É Í Ó Ú Ü Ñ « »
  • Use special codes on your computer if you have numeric keypad (instructions HERE).
  • Type your sentences into the text box below and use the special character buttons provided. Then select and copy your text and paste it into the comments section.

  Don't forget to paste your text into the comments section below!

If you see an error in someone else's sentence, please respond with the correction. Comments that are not from "Janet Castrejon" (the author of this page) do not represent Simplified Spanish. If someone is writing inappropriate comments on this webpage, please send a message to [email protected] and include the page that you saw the comment on.




Lesson 12 - Horario (Schedule)
Days - Present -er verbs - Dialogue - Reading - Quiz




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