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Lesson 14 - Números Ordinales (Ordinal Numbers)
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This page: Learn the ordinal numbers in Spanish.


Ordinal Numbers

Vocabulary Lesson

Click on the ordinal numbers in the table below to hear the pronunciation and repeat.

Ordinal Numbers in Spanish
Ordinal Number Translation
► primero ( ► primer)* first
► segundo second
► tercero ( ► tercer)* third
► cuarto fourth
► quinto fifth
► sexto sixth
► séptimo seventh
► octavo eighth
► noveno ninth
► décimo tenth

Ordinal numbers can be used as adjectives, adverbs or pronouns, just as they can in English. When used as an adjective with a feminine noun, the letter O at the end changes to an A. Unlike most adjectives in Spanish, ordinal numbers are used in front of the noun.

  • el segundo paso = the second step (masculine noun)
  • la segunda clase = the second class (feminine noun)

*The words primero and tercero change to primer and tercer (they lose the letter O) with masculine nouns.

  • el primer paso = the first step (masculine noun)
  • la primera clase = the first class (feminine noun)
  • el tercer paso = the third step (masculine noun)
  • la tercera clase = the third class (feminine noun)

When abbreviating, Spanish speakers use the lowercase letter o, a or er (or os and as for plural) just like we use the st, nd, rd and th in English. The letters are often written in a superscript just as they are in English.

  • 1o (primero) or 1a (primera) or 1er (primer) = 1st (first)
  • 2o (segundo) or 2a (segunda) = 2nd (second)
  • 3o (tercero) or 3a (tercera) or 3er (tercer) = 3rd (third)
  • 4o (cuarto) or 4a (cuarta) = 4th (fourth)

Remember that ordinal numbers are not used with dates in Spanish. Cardinal numbers (regular numbers) are used to say the date instead.

  • March 3 = March third (ordinal number used in English)
  • el 3 de marzo = el tres de marzo (cardinal number used in Spanish)



Write the same phrase but with the ordinal number in words.

  • Examples
  • el 1er libro → el primer libro
  • el 2o paso → el segundo paso
  • la 3a clase → la tercera clase

1. el 5o día        

2. la 2a blusa        

3. el 3er mes        

4. el 1er paso        

5. la 4a clase        

6. el 8o libro        

7. el 6o día        

8. el 9o mes        

9. la 7a clase        

10. el 10o paso        


Verbs that are irregular only in the yo form


Lesson 14 - Números Ordinales (Ordinal Numbers)
Ordinal numbers - Verbs that are irregular only in the yo form - Dialogue - Reading - Quiz




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