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Lesson 1 - Saludos (Greetings)
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This page: Learn common greetings in Spanish.


Greetings in Spanish

Dialogue Lesson


Click on the phrase to hear the pronunciation.

*You use the more formal version of "you" with people who are in a position of authority such as teachers, ministers or police officers or out of respect such as with an older person.



Section 1
Select the best answer to the question.

1. ¿Cómo te llamas?    

2. ¿Cómo estás?    

3. ¿De dónde eres?    


Section 2
Select the correct translation.

1. Hello    

2. Good afternoon.    

3. How are you? (formal)    

4. Fine, thank you.    

5. See you soon.    



Listen to the dialogue and answer the following questions. You may have to listen to the dialogue multiple times to answer all of the questions.

► Listen to the dialogue

1. What is the man's name?    

2. What is the woman's name?    

3. Where is the man from?    

4. Where is the woman from?    



Now read the dialogue.

► Listen to the dialogue

  • MARÍA - Hola. Buenos días.
  • LUIS - Buenos días.
  • MARÍA - ¿Cómo te llamas?
  • LUIS - Me llamo Luis. ¿Y tú?
  • MARÍA - Me llamo María. ¿De dónde eres?
  • LUIS - Soy de Perú. ¿Y tú?
  • MARÍA - Soy de México.
  • LUIS - Mucho gusto. Hasta luego. Adiós.



Click on "Listen" to hear the dictation of a sentence. The sentence will be read once quickly and then repeated slowly with pauses to write the words. Write the sentence in the textbox. Click on "Check" to check your answer. Dictations are great for practicing listening and spelling in Spanish. Make sure that you use correct punctuation and capitalization or the computer will mark it as incorrect.

1. ► Listen

2. ► Listen

3. ► Listen

4. ► Listen

5. ► Listen



Write your own short greetings dialogue like the one from this lesson. If you want to type a special character (like an accented letter) in the comments section, you could do one of the following . . .

  • Select and copy the character that you need → á é í ó ú ü ñ ¿ ¡ Á É Í Ó Ú Ü Ñ « »
  • Use special codes on your computer if you have numeric keypad (instructions HERE).
  • Type your sentences into the text box below and use the special character buttons provided. Then select and copy your text and paste it into the comments section.

  Don't forget to paste your text into the comments section below!

If you see an error in someone else's sentence, please respond with the correction. Comments that are not from "Janet Castrejon" (the author of this page) do not represent Simplified Spanish. If someone is writing inappropriate comments on this webpage, please send a message to [email protected] and include the page that you saw the comment on.


Reading lesson


Lesson 1 - Saludos (Greetings)
Alphabet - Pronunciation - Dialogue - Reading - Quiz




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