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Lesson 8 - Colores (Colors)


Language Focus: Colors

Classroom activities: Students take turns describing the colors of an item in the classroom. The other students guess what they are describing.

  • Example:
  • Es verde, café y blanco. ¿Qué es?


Language Focus: Demonstratives

Classroom activities: Have students ask an answer questions in pairs about things in the classroom.

  • ¿De qué color es este lápiz? - Es amarillo.
  • ¿De qué color son esas tijeras? - Son grises.


Language Focus: Art Class dialogue

Classroom activities: Have students color a picture. Give them each only one color crayon (or marker or colored pencil) to start. They need to request other colors from their classmates. Write key phrases that they will need on the board.

  • ¿Tienes rojo?
  • Me prestas el rojo, por favor.
  • ¿Quién tiene rojo?
  • Gracias.


Language Focus: Rainbow reading

Classroom activities: Have students draw (color) a rainbow and label the colors in Spanish.


Have the students review any portions of the lesson that they made mistakes in on the quiz.




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