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Lesson 5 - Escuela (School)


Language Focus: Classroom words

Classroom activities:
(1) Label your classroom items with sticky notes to help students remember the names of the items in Spanish.

(2) Kim's game - Place classroom objects on a tray (or desk or whatever). Allow the students to look at them for one minute. Then cover them with a cloth. Ask students to write down everything that they remember seeing (in Spanish, of course). Have them read off what's on their list then uncover the tray to see if they were correct.

(3) Concentration game - Print out the Classroom cards sheet (one for each set of cards that you want to make). Cut out and glue each square on an index card. Mix up the cards and give a set of cards to each group of students (group of 4?). Have the students lay the cards out into a grid face down on a table or desk. The students take turns flipping two cards (any cards) over to see if they can get a match. If they get a match, they keep the cards, and they go again. If they don't get a match, it's the next student's turn. At the end of the game, students count up how many cards they have. The students with the most cards wins.


Language Focus: Gender and Articles

Classroom activities: Definite articles worksheet - Have students fill out the Definite Articles Worksheet pdf individually. Then have them compare their answers to a classmate's. If there is a difference in what the students think is the correct answer, have them try to figure it out in pairs. The words that end in -ma may throw them off. Afterward remind them that words that end in -ma, -pa and -ta tend to be masculine although they end in a letter A. The words on the Definite Articles worksheet all come from the list of the 1000 Most Common Words in Spanish.


Language Focus: "¿Dónde están?" dialogue

Classroom activities:
(1) Have students practice reading the dialogue in pairs.
(2) Have the students make sentences about things that are in the classroom ("Los libros están en el salón de clase.").


Language Focus: School shopping reading

Classroom activities: Have students make their school shopping list. Then have them write sentences about each item using the verb "Necesito" (I need).


Have the students review any portions of the lesson that they made mistakes in on the quiz.




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