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Lesson 4 - ¿Cómo estás? (How are you?)


Language Focus: Question Words

Classroom activities: none


Language Focus: estar

Classroom activities: What's the question? - The teacher gives an answer, and the students need to write the question that would have elicited the answer. Use only ser and estar since these are the only verbs the students are familiar with. There may be more than one possible question that could elicit the answer.

  • Ideas:
  • Estoy cansado. - ¿Cómo estás? or maybe ¿Estás cansado?'
  • Mario es de México. - ¿De dónde es Mario?
  • Ella es Marta. - ¿Quién es ella?
  • Ellos están en la casa. - ¿Dónde están ellos?


Language Focus: Adjectives of emotion and condition

Classroom activities: Charades - Print out the Charades Cards, ideally on card stock and cut them out. Mix up the cards and have one student draw a card. The student acts out the emotion/condition while the others guess what it is. You could do this activity as a whole class or make multiple sets of cards and have them do it in small groups (4 students?).


Language Focus: Letter to a friend

Classroom activities: Have students write a letter to a friend of theirs telling where they are and how they are.


Have the students review any portions of the lesson that they made mistakes in on the quiz.




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