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Lesson 21 - Deportes (Sports)


Language Focus: Sports

Classroom activities: Charades - Write all of the names of the sports on slips of paper. A student draws one of the names of the sports and acts it out. The other students guess what the sport is.


Language Focus: Present Progressive

Classroom activities: Charades - The students could play another version of charades acting out verbs that they have learned. The students need to describe what they think the student is doing in the present progressive tense (e.g. "Ella está leyendo.")


Language Focus: Practice with present progressive

Classroom activities: Have students write sentences in the present progressive with each of the verbs in the vocabulary list on the page.


Language Focus: Practice with present progressive and sports

Classroom activities: Have students draw a picture or cut one out of a sports magazine. Have them write a description in Spanish of what the person or people are doing in the picture.


Have the students review any portions of the lesson that they made mistakes in on the quiz.




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