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Lesson 2 - ¿Cuántos? (How many?)


Language Focus: Numbers in Spanish

Classroom activities: Bingo - Print out a blank BINGO card for each student. Have each student randomly write some numbers between 1 and 20 in each square except for the "free" square with the X in it. The teacher (or a student) randomly calls out numbers between 1 and 20. The students put a marker (I use dry beans) on the number that was called. Don't forget to keep track of what numbers you have called so that you can verify the winner later. The first student who get five in a row wins.


Language Focus: Plurals

Classroom activities: Give the students a list of nouns and have them work in pairs to try to figure out what the plural form is. You may want to select words from the 1000 most common words list.


Language Focus: Describing what you have using numbers and plural forms

Classroom activities: Practice reading the dialogue in pairs and/or have students write their own similar dialogue and perform it in front of the class.


Language Focus: Describing what you need and have

Classroom activities: Have students make a grocery list with ten items (all plural items such as apples, bananas, etc.). Then have them write sentences for each item such as ("Necesito dos manzanas.").


Have the students review any portions of the lesson that they made mistakes in on the quiz.




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