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Lesson 15 - Trabajos (Jobs)


Language Focus: Jobs

Classroom activities: Concentration game - Print out the Jobs cards sheet (one for each set of cards that you want to make). Cut out and glue each square on an index card. Mix up the cards and give a set of cards to each group of students (group of 4?). Have the students lay the cards out into a grid face down on a table or desk. The students take turns flipping two cards (any cards) over to see if they can get a match. If they get a match, they keep the cards, and they go again. If they don't get a match, it's the next student's turn. At the end of the game, students count up how many cards they have. The students with the most cards wins.


Language Focus: Irregular verbs

Classroom activities: Speed verbs - The students are broken up into two teams. No one can use books or any other resources for this activity other than their brain. One representative from each team comes up to the board. The teacher says a verb (from the verbs that they have studied) in the infinitive. The two students at the board have to quickly write all of the six present tense forms of the verb (eg. empezar - empiezo, empiezas, empieza, empezamos, empezáis, empiezan). Their teammates can help them by yelling out the answer and/or yelling out if they misspelled something so that they can quickly correct it. This game can get pretty loud because both teams will be yelling. The first team that gets all six present tense forms of the verb on the board spelled correctly gets the point, and then another representative from each team comes to the board for the next verb.


Language Focus: Review jobs and present tense

Classroom activities: Have students read the dialogue in pairs.


Language Focus: Review jobs and present tense

Classroom activities: Have students write a description of a job in the present tense (similar to the paragraphs from the reading). The students take turns reading their paragraph aloud and the other students guess what the job is.


Have the students review any portions of the lesson that they made mistakes in on the quiz.




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